With over 20 years in business across different industries, Roger is an expert retailer in the Sales and Service industries, with a passion for people development.

His expertise of nurturing and leading high-performance teams to deliver outstanding results led to his development of the innovative coaching app, Team360, which is now being utilised in businesses to drive ongoing employee improvement and engagement.

After identifying the advantages of offshore outsourcing, he co-founded BSB Outsourcing and established a team of dedicated staff to enhance his Australian operations for everyone’s benefit.

This shift in thinking allowed him to go paperless and streamline every process of his business, freeing up time that was previously wasted on administrative activities and enabling his key leaders in Australia to focus on maximising revenue opportunities.

In 2018, Roger joined forces with the four other like-minded Directors to form Azenko, which is the strategic amalgamation which combined their skills, knowledge, resources and forward-thinking vision to create a real solutions-focused approach to everyday challenges encountered in small business.

Roger is married with two children and is a keen aviator, holding a Commercial Pilots License. He has previously flown seaplanes on the Gold Coast, operating scenic flights with Cloud 9 Seaplanes.

Connect with Roger today on roger@azenko.com.au or 0488 660 635