With a background in business analytics and finance in the telecommunication sector, Mathew has been a small business owner since 2008, with a particular focus on implementing Best Practise to streamline and improve operations.

He has always been happy to share his data, expertise and knowledge to the benefit of others and is confidently considered a thought leader in many areas. Mat’s innovative benchmarking program, ATG, improves the visibility of the sales pipeline and targets with a live KPI and results dashboard, which has helped many small businesses grow their results in a much clearer and cost-effective way.

Mat has travelled around Australia to present and share his approach of best practice with the aim to help other businesses replicate his success. This makes him a powerful force as a director of Azenko.

Azenko is the unification of five entrepreneurs focused on working together to augment small businesses with tailor-made digital technology that’s usually only available for larger corporates.

Mat is a mad outdoors camper and loves to get away off-road. He’s married with two grown-up children.

Connect with Mathew today on mathew@azenko.com.au