Real-time data and visibility, in one place, for your whole team.

Your team’s ability to communicate and share is essential for business success in the fast-paced business world we have today.

As a cloud-based hub, Azenko’s pro360 brings together multiple data sources for your team, so they always have access to key business information where ever they may be.

You can host your integrated business forms, web tools, shortcuts, quick links and full suite of customisable sales reporting and dashboards.

It's your business 'go-to' platform - up in the cloud

Use the Cloud to store everything you and your team need on the go, including business forms, contacts, reports, policies and procedures, calendars and more.

Compatible with Azenko’s ATG Target Board and NetPro, pro360 offers your business a range of benefits.

  • Access critical business information from anywhere, anytime
  • Saves time and effort, with one simple storage portal for everyone
  • Editable functionality to make changes as the business does
  • Utilise a suite of standard reports, with custom-built reports available as well
  • Create a library for all your business tools, links and information to meet your team’s needs.

The best tools are tailor-made

Why use Azenko custom software?

We develop all our applications in-house because we understand the importance of information technology and integrated solutions to provide insights and meaningful data to small businesses like yours.

Azenko’s range of flagship software solutions enable real-time dashboarding of key business metrics, tailored to your business and integrated with your cloud-based business applications.

Each solution can be customised to fit any operation and tailored to your business’ specific needs.

Let’s augment your business together

If you have any questions about pro360, need advice or want more information, we would welcome the opportunity to discuss how we can meet your business’ needs.

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