Customer perception toward your brand directly influences your sales, loyalty and repeat orders, which is why it’s important to be able to track their experience and opinions.

NetPro is a web-based application which provides a lens for reporting and analysis using the Net Promoter Score (NPS) customer survey system.

The NPS system is an effective and universally accepted measure for customer sentiment in the marketplace, however it’s a manual process and doesn’t provide a great deal of insight alone.

NetPro can help you.

With many beneficial features and functionality, the NetPro online dashboard provides access and visibility of your NPS performance across the whole business, down to individual staff members, so you can make more informed decisions.

Stay in tune with your market

Keeping your finger on the customer pulse

Everything you need
in one place

Azenko’s NetPro software collects, collates and displays your business’ NPS performance, offering daily updates to you and your team.

With reporting and analysis systems inbuilt, your business can identify and respond quickly to trends, ensuring your customer perception, and therefore success is maximised.

Easy to use and monitor

Superior visibility of your NPS performance across your whole business

Keep track of customer insights overtime

Utilise dynamic reporting with date range & graphical trend reporting

Save time without the need for manual reports or handling

Work across multiple devices, including computers, phones and tablets

Accessible from anywhere, anytime by anyone from your team

NPS made easy with NetPro

NetPro’s been helping businesses keep track of their customer advocacy results with ease, since mid-2015.

Get on board with NetPro today, and make NPS reporting easy for your team.

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We develop all our applications in-house because we understand the importance of information technology and integrated solutions to provide insights and meaningful data to small businesses like yours.

Azenko’s range of flagship software solutions enable real-time dashboarding of key business metrics, tailored to your business and integrated with your cloud-based business applications.

Each solution can be customised to fit any operation and tailored to your business’ specific needs.

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