Established in August 2015, BSB Outsourcing has been helping businesses from a range of industries access off-shore resourcing support and tailored technology solutions, backed by IT expertise, to meet their growing needs.

Help without the headcount or hassle.

With tailored solutions ranging from seat leasing, through to ICT implementation and professionally managed services, we specialise in end-to-end process management of all your business requirements.

Operating out of Brisbane and the Philippines, we have a team of highly-skilled, dedicated professionals working across many disciplines and business functions, with extensive experience in business and process outsourcing.

We can provide you with the added help you need, without the headcount cost or hassle.  Let our team of experts streamline your business to drive value with a personalised solution where it’s needed most, so you can focus on the bigger picture.

Support when you need it

Managed Services

Our range of managed personnel solutions are available whenever you need part-time resources to assist with supporting key roles and operational tasks within your business.

We offer expertise in Accounting, IT Support and General Administration based on your needs and guarantee the outcomes to your desired levels and requirements.

Managed services offer a great way to expand your team’s capacity without the costs of increased headcount and the hassle of assigning tasks and monitoring dedicated resources.

Accounting Services

- Payroll
- Financial Reporting
- Bookkeeping
- Accounts Payable
- Accounts Receivable

IT Services

- General IT Support
- Server Management
- Software & Mobile App Development
- Point of Sale integration
- Sales Reporting & Dash boarding

General Administration

- Data entry
- Virtual assistant
- Administrative support

Seat Leasing

An alternative to hiring locally, this allows you to “lease a seat” so your dedicated staff member can sit in our office under the supervision of our qualified leadership team.

We provide the space and can take care of as much or as little as you like, from recruitment through to performance management, facilities, on-site supervision and HR support.

Seat leasing provides you with the freedom to assign tasks and monitor workflows as needed, without the extra costs.

As part of this service, we include

Secure Cloud Hosting

Hosted Cloud Solutions with secure virtual desktop and anti-virus protection

Reserved Desk

A desk in a private office with computer, high-speed internet, headset, webcam and personal locker

Intensive Staff Training

Induction day and ongoing training for staff to cover working with Australian clients

Ongoing HR Support

Including recruitment, package negotiation, job offer, performance management, training and development

On-Site Client Support

Superior on-site client support team including customer experience and IT

Performance Feedback

Regular monitoring and feedback, including monthly feedback on training and development opportunities

Workflow Reporting

Time tracking and workflow tool with daily reporting and staff output

Target Tracking

Monthly value ledger detailing the accomplishments of your staff

On-Site Amenities

Access to staff amenities and facilities including tea, coffee and water

Our office in Clark

Our Philippines office is situated in the Clark Freeport Zone, a city that has become one to the fastest growing investment destinations in the Philippines. Clark boasts one the of the highest population and best literacy rates in the Philippines, meaning access to highly skilled and English-speaking manpower as well as educated professionals.

Clark International Airport offers daily flights to the world business hubs of Hong Kong and Singapore. With the office only ten minutes from this international gateway, our clients can easily travel to visit their staff, coming from many destinations throughout Asia and beyond, including Australia.

Let’s augment your business together

We’ll show you how simple it is to augment your business with tailored resourcing and technology solutions, so you get all the benefits, without the headaches.

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