Sales are the number one priority for smaller businesses, and it’s important to ensure that your business is on track.

ATG Target Board is a completely customisable statistics tool that displays real-time sales results and commissions calculator, right at your fingertips, saving you time and keeping you well-informed.

It’s an intuitive reporting tool for your sales team to use every day, giving them clear targets to help drive numbers. With all data sources summarised on the one platform delivers maximum transparency.

Powerful integration

Easily integrated into your business, the ATG Target Board includes point of sale tracking and reporting capabilities to offer you a versatile solution.

  • Track all your sales targets and figures in real time
  • Make more informed decisions
  • Simplify your target setting process
  • Automatically reward staff with customisable commission structures
  • Tailor the board’s platform according to your business’ specific needs

See your sales funnel in

The best tools are

Why use Azenko

custom software?

We develop all our applications in-house because we understand the importance of information technology and integrated solutions to provide insights and meaningful data to small businesses like yours.

Azenko’s range of flagship software solutions enable real-time dashboarding of key business metrics, tailored to your business and integrated with your cloud-based business applications.

Each solution can be customised to fit any operation and tailored to your business’ specific needs.

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