Azenko is the strategic amalgamation of five like-minded and successful business entrepreneurs who combined their skills, knowledge, resources and forward-thinking vision to create a real solutions-focused approach to everyday challenges encountered in small business.

Today, Azenko supports over 100 SMEs to deliver business process efficiencies and real-time analytics which drive higher levels of performance resulting in increased revenue and cost savings.

Our Vision

Azenko’s vision is to provide personalised solutions to everyday challenges faced by small to medium businesses who wouldn’t traditionally have the resources available to them.

We are passionate about making technology and tools used by large corporate organisations available to SMEs, tailoring them to your business’ needs.

Our Mission

In the spirit of sharing best practice and in-house intellectual property, Azenko strives to deliver improvements in people productivity and process efficiencies in a fast-paced world of technology and constant change.

We know that our solutions work, because we developed and use them ourselves to improve our business. At Azenko, we want to share these solutions with you, so you can benefit too.

Rachel Newman

General Manager

Jimmy Graham

Finance Manager

Claudia Johnston

Marketing Manager

Trent Brookes

IT Manager

Our Commitment to You

At Azenko, we don’t consider you as our customer or client – we are partners.  Partners whose success we are dedicated to supporting at every step of their business journey.

To fulfil our role in supporting our partners’ achievements, we provide more than just the software, technology and managed services you need to augment your business. We focus on delivering the services and support that allow you to improve your results and discover a new level of success.

From consulting and implementation services to education, support, customer care and account management, we’ve got the tools our partners need to make the most of our solutions and grow.

Let’s augment your business together

We’ll show you how simple it is to augment your business with tailored resourcing and technology solutions, so you get all the benefits, without the headaches.

Contact our Azenko team today on 07 3550 6406 or fill out the form below.