Are you a growing business, looking for effective ways to improve? Is your business stalling? Do you want better results? Let Azenko’s solutions empower your business success.

We are Azenko

As a team of people with real experience operating our own small businesses, we understand your aspirations and goals, as well as the challenges that come with them.

Azenko provides bespoke IT and managed services to small businesses like yours by implementing comprehensive resourcing and technology solutions which augment your entire operation.

We’ve been taking the stress out of growing SME businesses for Australian entrepreneurs and managers for over four years and want to do the same for you.

We’re changing the game of business

Maximise sales and reduce costs with ease

Our solutions

Managing a small to medium-sized enterprise comes with a unique set of challenges. We understand that you are time poor and looking to improve, but may be currently lacking the resources, time and know-how.

We can help.

Azenko offers a suite of bespoke services to grow your business with solutions that help maximise your sales, reduce costs and manage your operations with ease.

Azenko’s solutions improve your business in multiple ways, that are both simple, non-disruptive and easy so you can focus your attention on expansion and growing revenue.


BSB Outsourcing

High-quality resourcing solutions for SMEs, managed locally.

ATG Target Board

A real-time KPI and sales results dashboard to help with simplified sales targeting and reporting.


A reporting tool designed to easily track customer advocacy performance across your teams in real-time.


A people-development and coaching application which drives improvement, capability and staff engagement.

The benefits of
our solutions

  • Freedom to focus more on your strengths
  • Peace of mind knowing your business has the right tools for growth
  • Access to new business resources that can improve your operations
  • Enhanced visibility into your business with reporting across key metrics
  • Superior support from an experienced team of business professionals

Making your business work better

How we work with you

Azenko follows a careful process to ensure we nominate the best solutions that are most meaningful to your business.

Step 1: Get to know your business

We meet with you and get to know your business, to understand your operations and most importantly, your challenges.

Step 2: Discuss tailored solution

We then share what we can offer and tailor a bespoke solution to your specific needs with the aim to overcome these challenges and augment your business.

Step 3: Integrate your solution

We proceed with the integration into your business with minimal disruptions.

Step 4: Provide ongoing support

Once implemented, we offer ongoing local support, training and assistance to help you get the most out of our solutions.

Making the right decisions for your business

Book an initial

Do you want to know how our solutions can help further your business?

Just like you, we understand the importance of a face-to-face meeting to discuss your options.

You’re invited to meet with one of our Directors to share ideas about business improvements, ask questions and see for yourself how we can use our resourcing and technology to help you achieve success.

This obligation-free meeting will make you feel more comfortable by outlining how we can take your business to the next level.

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We’ll show you how simple it is to augment your business with tailored resourcing and technology solutions, so you get all the benefits, without the headaches.

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